4Cs of Diamond Quality


Beauty and its beholder. The 4Cs provide a way to objectively compare and evaluate diamonds, but numbers alone can't describe a diamond's mysterious and captivating beauty - for that, you'll have to visit us your local jeweler to see one for yourself.


D color: An absolutely colorless diamond. D is the highest color grade given only to exceptionally rare diamonds. Set in 18k yellow gold, this diamond will pick up the color of the gold setting. To truly appreciate a colorless diamond, it is best set in platinum or 18k white gold.

E color: Only minute traces of color can be detected by an expert gemologist, so it is still considered a "colorless" grade. Set in 18k yellow gold, this diamond will pick up the color of the gold setting.

F color: This is still considered a "colorless" grade, but slight color can be detected by an expert gemologist.

G color: The highest of the "near-colorless" grades. To the naked eye, color may be noticeable if compared to diamonds of finer grades but this grade offers excellent value.

H color: A "near-colorless" grade diamond. Color is noticeable only when compared to diamonds of better grades, and offers an excellent value.

I color: The last of the "near-colorless" grades. Color may be only slightly detectable upon close examination. This color grade offers an exceptional diamond value.

J color: Color slightly detectable to the unaided eye. This diamond looks beautiful set in platinum or 18k gold, and offers an outstanding diamond value.


FL-IF: "FL"=Flawless: No internal or external flaws. A completely unblemished diamond. "IF"=Internally Flawless: No internal flaws. This diamond may have negligible scratches on the outside, but is completely flawless on the inside. Diamonds of both these grades are extremely rare

VVS1-2: Very, Very Slightly Included. A VVS1 grade is slightly better than a VVS2 grade. These are the finest clarity grades found in most jewelry stores. Diamonds in these clarity grades have outstanding fire and brilliance.

VS1-2: Very Slightly Included. A VS1 grade is slightly better than a VS2 grade. These diamonds have inclusions that are typically not visible to the unaided eye, and much lower price points than higher grades of clarity. Diamonds in these clarity grades can offer the best diamond value.

SI1-2: Slightly Included. An SI1 grade is slightly better than an SI2 grade. Inclusions may be visible with the unaided eye. These diamonds offer an exceptional value for the price and quality.

I1: These diamonds have noticeable inclusions. We do not suggest diamonds of this grade for fine jewelry. While you may find I1-grade diamonds elsewhere, we usually do not carry this grade.

I2-3: These are inferior grades of clarity with noticeable unattractive inclusions.





For diamonds under one carat, each carat is divided into 100 points - similar to pennies in a dollar.  1/2 carat = 50 points or .50, 3/4 carat = 75 points or .75.

Diamonds  101 ~ 4Cs